By always keeping an eye on the big picture, MEPS’s Facility Management has got your back. Our comprehensive approach has but one goal: freeing the troops in the best way possible of all non-essential tasks.

MEPS’s Facility Management reduces the effort of coordinating various trades to just one point of contact.

In addition to the care, maintenance and operation of properties, we provide trained personnel for the security of your facilities. Local specialists who have proven themselves over many years of trustworthy collaboration reinforce MEPS.


The development and implementation of management concepts requires specialists with extensive experience in military operations. Any form of malfunction or downtime in a technical system can interfere with sensitive processes, causing delays or, in worst case, even bring everything to a standstill. In MEPS you have a partner that can maintain processes in and around facilities using the most modern technical management, even under particularly difficult conditions. We take on the control, execution and monitoring of all measures in order to guarantee smooth, trouble-free operations.


  • Energy and Environmental Management
  • Renovations
  • Deficiency Analysis
  • Information Management
  • Operation of technical systems and Warranty Tracking
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of technical systems

We work together to clarify all relevant questions:

  • What special conditions exist on site?
  • Which systems need to be integrated, inspected and maintained?
  • Are there any special security requirements?


Guarding and security of military installations requires a special ability to deal with sensitive issues and specially trained personnel. MEPS guarantees proper and comprehensive safeguarding as a result of professional handling of civilian and military personnel, comprehensive security concepts and the constant monitoring and surveillance of security measures.


  • Security analysis
  • Security planning
  • Design and implementation in accordance with the most stringent security standards
  • Relief of troops from security assignments

We work together to clarify all relevant questions:

  • What type of property must be secured?
  • How large are the installations?
  • Which special challenges exist on the premises?
  • How can the troops best be relieved?


The maintenance and reconstitution of cleanliness and hygiene on all premises and properties necessitates efficient planning and execution. Together we identify a needs-based cleaning concept that can then be reliably executed. As a result of our extensive experience, we are familiar with the extraordinary requirements for hygiene and cleanliness in a military environment.


  • Daily cleaning of premises
  • Preventative maintenance cleaning and care of furniture, floors and technical devices
  • Professional disposal of normal and hazardous waste
  • Hygienic cleaning of sanitary installations
  • Regular quality control

We work together to clarify all relevant questions:

  • How many and what type of properties need to be cleaned?
  • Which special standards must be adhered to?
  • How should the cleanings be done so as not to interfere with ongoing processes?
  • Are any special cleanings involved?


Professionally maintained grounds improve the appearance of an installation and increase the feeling of well being for both personnel and visitors. In addition, the cultivation of green spaces performs several ecological functions. It relieves, e.g., sanitation systems and improves microclimates. Military installations in particular are often subjected to stresses and require sustainable maintenance in order to prevent the expense of costly renovations.


  • Tree and plant maintenance
  • Planning and design
  • Tree pruning and hedge trimming
  • Felling and mowing operations
  • Sustainable landscaping

We work together to clarify relevant questions:

  • How large are the areas to be maintained?
  • At what intervals should care be provided?
  • Are there any special circumstances on site?
  • What types of gardens need to be maintained?
  • How will drainage and irrigation be accomplished?
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