We understand our contribution to a successful mission as not limited to comprehensive services at barrack grounds, but also includes smooth and punctual operational logistics. We provide your barracks with more than just the supply of consumables and special equipment.

As a reliable logistics partner, we ensure that heavy equipment and materials arrive on time and undamaged at the site. The worldwide resources of the ADCO group, available to MEPS at all times, provide a guarantee for even the most complex logistical challenges.


Reliable logistics is and essential component of maneuvers. To us, this means developing and implementing the optimal solution for every need. Included in this are, e.g. the optimization of routes and times, a cleverly designed organization of all players and a large degree of flexibility. With its long-standing experience in the military sector, MEPS stands at the ready as your high-performance partner in all questions of logistics.

Products and Services: 

  • Situation analysis of operations
  • Diagnosis
  • Conception of potential solutions
  • Operations planning
  • Implementation and Supervision
  • Evaluations and After Action Reports (AAR)

We work together to answer all relevant questions concerning:

  • Provisions
  • Assembly & Dismantling
  • Technical Systems
  • Security
  • Location
  • Personnel
  • Services


MEPS undertakes everything concerning the procurement of goods and equipment, from planning through implementation. In order to guarantee the consistent supply of provisions, MEPS works efficiently and on schedule while keeping track of the most critical factors. Our mission: The supply chain management of MEPS lightens the load of the troops, allowing them to concentrate on their primary assignments.

Products and Services:

  • Procurement organization
  • Vendor selection
  • Organization and supervision of logistics
  • Contract execution

We work together to answer all relevant questions:

  • What is needed?
  • At what intervals should the goods and equipment be delivered?
  • Are there goods that require special treatment?
  • Are there any special circumstances on site that require attention?
  • When, where, which and how many have to be at each location?


As an experienced service provider of military operations, MEPS organizes and monitors the entire transport of, for example, Panzers and other equipment to and from training areas. Beginning with the loading of equipment, through to its delivery and unloading, MEPS works hand in hand on site with the troops. Our wide-ranging service portfolio also includes the transport of individuals and soldiers.

Products and Services: 

  • Loading and unloading of tactical and non-tactical equipment
  • Air, water and land transport
  • On-site service
  • Passenger transport to training areas

We work together to clarify all relevant questions:

  • What is needed?
  • Which vehicles and/or equipment need to be transported?
  • Are there any specific details concerning loading requirements?
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