A latrine for the soldiers at a maneuver in the middle of the forest, with personal privacy, without an available sewer system and without polluting the environment – this was the beginning of the success story of the DIXI portable latrines in 1973 in Germany.


The ADCO Group, with subsidiaries MEPS GmbH and the 55 affiliated TOI TOI & DIXI companies worldwide, has been the solution provider for mobile sanitation for over 40 years.

All services are available from a single source: the world market leader for mobile detached sanitation solutions. Our services extend from portable latrines to the construction of the entire infrastructure of undeveloped areas - complete with mobile rooms, water supply and disposal, power supply, security, maintenance cleaning and the procurement of consumables.

Seit über 40 Jahren ist die ADCO Unternehmensgruppe, mit ihren Tochtergesellschaften MEPS GmbH und den 55 TOI TOI & DIXI Gesellschaften weltweit, der Lösungsanbieter für mobile sanitäre Versorgung.

Sie erhalten alle Leistungen vom Weltmarktführer für mobile anschlussfreie Sanitärlösungen aus einer Hand. Die Leistungen erstrecken sich von der mobilen Toilettenkabine bis zur Erstellung kompletter Infrastrukturen auf unerschlossenem Gelände mit mobilen Räumen, Wasserver- und -entsorgung, Stromversorgung, Bewachung, Unterhaltsreinigung, Beschaffung von Verbrauchsmaterialien etc.

MEPS, one of the largest military service providers in Europe, follows precisely in this tradition. We offer a diverse portfolio of products and services specific to the needs of the military. A team of specialists, each with extensive experience in rendering military services, stands at the ready for the successful execution of your mission. MEPS offers customized solutions in conformance with all legal regulations in every operational area of the military, including: field camps, base operations, troop provisions, maneuver logistics and facility management. In doing so, MEPS resolutely pursues the goal of fulfilling your requirements – anywhere and every time - 360° Services for Military is our mission for your projects

MEPS, einer der größten Dienstleister für das Militär in Europa, steht ganz in dieser Tradition und bietet ein vielfältiges Produkt- und Dienstleistungsportfolio speziell für den Bedarf im Bereich Militär. Ein Team an Fachspezialisten mit langjähriger Erfahrung in der Erbringung militärischer Dienstleistungen steht Ihnen zur erfolgreichen Durchführung Ihrer Mission zur Verfügung. Für alle Einsatzbereiche im Militär wie Feldlager, Base Operations, Truppenversorgung, Manöverlogistik und auch Facility Management bietet MEPS maßgeschneiderte und den gesetzlichen Anforderungen entsprechende Lösungen.

Dabei verfolgt MEPS konsequent das Ziel, Ihre Anforderungen zu jeder Zeit und an jedem Ort zu erfüllen – 360° Services for Military ist unsere Mission für Ihre Projekte.

Feldlager und Base Operations
Manöverlogistik und Truppenversorgung
Facility Management


MEPS Takes On Procurement Abroad for the German Armed Forces


The procurement of goods beyond Germany’s borders is not without serious risks. In addition, import regulations must be adhered to and customs duties have to be processed. In keeping with the promise of 360° services for our clients, MEPS takes over the procurement of wares and goods abroad for select German Armed Forces Service Centers. As a result, MEPS ensures - from import and customs clearance and on through to delivery - all the services you need, coordinated by just one service provider.

Outfitting the Boy Scouts of America Youth Camp


For the fifth consecutive year, MEPS equipped the Boy Scouts of America Youth Camp in Garmisch Partenkirchen with sanitation facilities and mobile rooms. The youth camp, organized annually by the Transatlantic Council, had almost 200 participants this year. With 20 portable latrines, five hand-wash stations, two shower containers and several freshwater tanks, MEPS supplied the participants with sanitation facilities and fresh drinking water. Office space in the form of mobile containers was also made possible by MEPS.

Troop Provisions for the Saber Junction 2014 Maneuver


At the military training area in Hohenfels, several thousand soldiers from 15 nations prepared for potential deployment. MEPS secured the sanitation. Once again, over 300 portable latrines were staged for this exercise. MEPS’s cleaning personnel saw to the hygiene of the latrines on a daily basis. MEPS also took care that the soldiers had a quiet place nearby throughout the training area, which required that the portable latrines be moved several times where required.

Collaboration with the Munich Medical Corps Academy


MEPS received a two-year contract from the Munich Medical Corps Academy for engaging role-players. The role-players were provided for the purpose of training, and were used to mimic wounded people in exercises. In doing so, the evacuation of wounded personnel and Initial Trauma Management could be trained. Furthermore, role-players are used in a variety of courses for emergency physicians. 

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