Fred Edwards establishes Port San Ser in Essen/Germany, the first company for mobile sanitary systems in Germany and Europe – later on known as DIXI®.


Pope John Paul II visits Germany – our portable toilets are used at major events for the first time, making them world-famous.


DIXI® gets competition: Helga and Harald Müller establish TOI TOI Sanitärsysteme GmbH in Wiesbaden/Germany.


Unstoppable growth: International expansion of both DIXI® and TOI TOI® in Europe.


The 11,111th portable toilet is delivered to DIXI®.


We are now global leaders. The two sanitary service providers DIXI® and TOI TOI® merge to form the ADCO Group.


Major events are now unthinkable without TOI TOI & DIXI. Sanitation for World Youth Day visitors in Rome is ensured by providing 5,000 portable toilets.

We launch our own production at the location of Gerstungen/Germany: Our portable toilets are now produced in-house by our subsidiary HMT Kunststofftechnik, making us independent. The first type of toilet manufactured there is the TOI® Fresh portable toilet.


We also become independent in vehicle construction. Our subsidiary HMT Fahrzeugtechnik launches its own production of state-of-the-art service vehicles at the location of Dohna/Germany.


Product innovations make us successful: We launch TOI ® Water on the market – the first portable toilet with a large wash basin with freshwater supply integrated into the side wall. The next product innovation is the TOI® Flush – the world’s first portable toilet with automatic freshwater flush and a tank concealed from view.


The largest public contract for TOI TOI & DIXI to date: During the Castor transport, we ensure accommodation and sanitation for 15,000 police officers by providing 1,250 multipurpose and sanitary containers.


World Youth Days 2005 in Cologne. The demand for portable toilets at major events is steadily increasing. We provide more than 8,000 portable toilets to ensure sanitation for the visitors.

As market leader, we are constantly working on new product innovations: We launch the new DIXI® Plus portable toilet on the market, which offers more space and comes with certain extras.

Mobile sanitation has also become indispensable in the non-civilian and humanitarian environment. We create a task force for large-scale projects in response to this demand.


Our production site is growing steadily: HMT Fahrzeugtechnik moves to Gerstungen/ Germany. Apart from portable toilets, our own service vehicles are now also produced here.

Mega event “FIFA World Cup 2006” in Germany. TOI TOI & DIXI provides more than 10,000 portable toilets. At the same time, we respond to the exacting demands in the VIP segment. By launching our Premium Line sanitary containers on the market, we set new standards of exclusivity and present 110 Premium Line units on the occasion of the football event.


DIXI® is honoured as “Brand of the Century” for the first time.


We experience further growth and consolidate our market position: Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia are incorporated into the ADCO Group as “new TOI companies”.

With the goal to accelerate product innovation and development in mind, we establish an in-house design department.

Establishment of MEPS GmbH


Pure luxury: We set new standards. By launching the TOI TOI® Superior Line sanitary container on the market, we introduce a new product that outperforms all previous products in the field of mobile sanitation.

We provide the right solution for any major event: During the Pope’s visit in Erfurt (Etzelsbach), we ensure sanitation by providing more than 1,500 portable toilets as well as 80 multipurpose and sanitary containers, in addition to responding to the demand for mobile spaces in the backstage area.


A new record: For the first time, more than 200,000 portable toilets are used worldwide.


Congratulations: We celebrate 40 years of DIXI® and 30 years of TOI TOI®.


The perfect solution for any requirement: By launching the DIXI® Mini portable toilet on the market, we introduce a special portable toilet with an integrated removable tank for structural and civil engineering purposes.


The turnover of the ADCO Group exceeds EUR 300 million for the first time.


We introduce an innovative vacuum sanitary concept: John Privy® impresses festival and event visitors with a high level of comfort, state-of-the-art vacuum technology and a cool design.


Driving innovation: By launching the self-contained TOI® now sanitary trailer on the market, we introduce an environmentally friendly sanitary trailer that features state-of-the-art technology, allowing it to work entirely without any connections.

Apax Partners acquires the majority interest in the ADCO Group, creating the long-term basis for further investment and growth together with the existing shareholders.


ADCO Umweltdienste Holding GmbH changes its name to TOI TOI & DIXI Group GmbH, from now on presenting itself under a new name and a new logo together with its subsidiaries as one large group of companies.

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