We, MEPS GmbH, have been a partner to the military for several years and are very familiar with the associated requirements and challenges. We aim to provide and operate the necessary infrastructure in the field reliably and in any environmental condition.

No matter how tough the conditions in a field camp may be, we are able to find a solution to any problem and set up and equip your field camp according to your wishes. From planning and implementation to daily operation – no matter at what stage you are, we will be happy to help you. Whether you need sanitary systems, tents with or without equipment or solutions for power supply, fresh water supply or wastewater disposal – we are your one-stop service provider.

Of course, we take into account all legal framework conditions and special provisions applicable to the military, both in Germany and abroad.

Here you will find more detailed information about our service areas:


Sanitation solutions

MEPS GmbH is a subsidiary of TOI TOI & DIXI Group GmbH. As a result, you receive all sanitation solutions directly from the market leader for mobile non-sewer-connected sanitation solutions, ranging from simple portable toilets to toilet and shower containers with hot water supply, fresh water supply and wastewater disposal.

Examples of products and services:

  • Mobile non-sewer-connected toilets
  • Toilet containers
  • Shower containers
  • Hand wash containers
  • Mobile infrastructure for drinking water and wastewater



Boasting a sturdy design that always meets the latest German quality standards, our containers are suitable for use even in the harshest of conditions. Our flexible container solutions make anything possible, whether they are needed as office, storage, changing, training or common rooms. We take care of the global logistics and arrange for the container solution tailored to your project to be set up and put into operation. We also outfit the containers with the desired interior equipment according to the intended purpose of use.

Examples of products and services:

  • Office containers
  • Storage containers
  • Training rooms
  • Common rooms
  • Waiting rooms



The protection of personnel and supply facilities in the field is one of the most important aspects. Our broad range of products allows us to find the perfect solution for you. Various sizes, tough environmental conditions, special areas of application – we also have the appropriate solution for your needs. Of course, we can also supply the tents with additional equipment, such as floor plates, lighting, camp beds, catering facilities, beer tent sets, air conditioning or heating – you will receive everything you need from a single source.

Examples of products and services:

  • Accommodation tents
  • Food tents
  • Disaster relief tents
  • Service tents
  • Pavilions
  • Equipment for all types of tents


Mobile power generation

Our Europe-wide network enables us to provide mobile power supply for any requirement. From low-maintenance and low-noise generators to special emergency generators – there are virtually no limits. We take care of the logistics, installation, power distribution and operation of the generators. We are also the right point of contact when it comes to fuel management.

Examples of products and services:

  • Power generation for any requirement
  • Power generators for peak balancing
  • Emergency generators
  • Gas-powered generators


Mobile heating

Whether extreme conditions or lack of infrastructure: Our mobile heating systems always ensure the right temperature. The equipment is energy-saving and is characterised by a high level of failure safety. We are experts in our field and coordinate the installation, flawless operation on site as well as fuel supply.

Examples of products and services:

  • Heating systems for any room size
  • Mobile solutions for hot water production
  • System monitoring and maintenance
  • Fuel supply


Troop provisions

Proper provisions are indispensable for the troops’ well-being. We are your point of contact for all types of provisions. Whether field kitchen, catering or individual meals, whether with or without existing infrastructure – we will find the appropriate solution in any situation.

Examples of products and services:

  • Tactical field kitchens, quick and easy
  • Modular field kitchens
  • Mobile kitchen containers meeting the standards of a commercial kitchen
  • Catering
  • Food supply



We bring light into the darkness. Whether interior lighting in tents or exterior floodlight towers – we will find the appropriate and most feasible solution for you.

Examples of products and services:

  • Floodlights, with and without generator
  • Security lighting
  • All types of interior and exterior lighting


Fresh and drinking water

Smooth and reliable supply of fresh and drinking water is essential in the field. Our extensive experience allows us to provide solutions for any requirement. Our hygiene standards are based on the European Drinking Water Directive. All our drinking water tanks are fitted with digital fill level indicators. A personal login, which will be sent to you, allows you to keep an eye on the fresh water level and precisely schedule the supply of fresh water, eliminating unnecessary transports and the associated costs.

Examples of products and services:

  • Drinking water tanks with digital fill level monitoring
  • Drinking water supply in accordance with the Drinking Water Directive
  • Fresh water supply
  • Water distribution systems


Maintenance cleaning

In times like these, hygiene is more important than ever before. We will find the right cleaning staff for you, take care of the coordination and are your point of contact for any type of maintenance cleaning, from field kitchens and sanitary facilities to accommodations and training camps, in compliance with all hygiene rules, including those in the context of the coronavirus.

Examples of products and services:

  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities
  • Cleaning of field kitchens
  • Cleaning of all facilities in the field


Waste management

As a certified waste management company, we ensure proper and environmentally compatible disposal of wastewater even in harsh environmental conditions. Our modern disposal vehicles are fit for use even on difficult terrain. Our wastewater tanks comply with the applicable provisions and are additionally fitted with digital fill level indicators, allowing you to keep an eye on the fill level and avoid unnecessary emptying runs.

In addition, we provide appropriate waste containers, take care of emptying them and guarantee proper waste sorting.

Examples of products and services:

  • Grey and black water disposal
  • Disposal of all types of waste
  • Wastewater tanks with digital fill level monitoring
  • All other types of waste containers


Laundry service

Clean laundry wherever you are? No problem with our mobile laundry service solutions. Flexible concepts enable prompt installation and operation of mobile laundry units on site. Alternatively, we have your laundry picked up, cleaned and returned to you.

Examples of products and services:

  • Installation and operation of mobile laundry units
  • Cleaning of dirty laundry
  • Special cleaning solutions for heavily soiled laundry


Fuel supply and refuelling

We supply you with any kind of fuel. We fill both stationary and mobile tanks, which you can naturally also order directly from us. We also take care of refuelling your tactical and non-tactical vehicles.

Examples of products and services:

  • Supply of petrol, diesel, heating oil and kerosene
  • Filling of mobile and stationary tanks
  • Refuelling of vehicles


Hygiene concepts

The coronavirus situation necessitates controlled and detailed hygiene concepts. Such concepts are an important prerequisite for events, manoeuvres and the like to take place at all.

We develop the appropriate concept for you and help you with the implementation. Whether the event takes place indoors or outdoors makes no difference.

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