There are many things to consider when organising an event. Different types of events involve different challenges and hidden “pitfalls” that are easily overlooked.

In this case, having a qualified and experienced point of contact is beneficial. You have found this point of contact in us, MEPS GmbH. Our multi-skilled staff make sure that you only get the very best solutions for your event. We will be happy to take care of the entire planning for you. Our responsible staff members have extensive experience in planning events, acquired through many years of working at event hotels and in the field of event management.

We will also be happy to be at your disposal in person on site at any time.

Now we would like to present to you a small selection of possible events:

Congresses / Conferences / Seminars

Congresses need to be planned and organised meticulously down to the smallest detail, from selecting the appropriate location to providing replacement pens for the participants on site.

There is a lot to consider and factor in. Do the participants need accommodation? Will lunch and dinner be offered? On the company premises or at a hotel? We are your one-stop point of contact. We will help you find the appropriate location and coordinate the tasks for you on site. 

Open house events

At an open house event, you would like to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to the world and make a lasting impression with your company. To accomplish this, you need detailed planning and sophisticated ideas for implementation. We will support you and organise everything you need from the beginning to the end, from food and beverages to childcare and the evening programme. We will make your open house event a memorable experience for all involved.

This will allow your own staff to fully focus on answering the questions of customers and providing them with the best possible support.

Award ceremonies of all kinds

You need one or several platforms and the related technical equipment? Or a tent to drink a toast to the honourees? We are ready at all times.

Our mobile platform solutions can be transported virtually anywhere. Of course, we can also offer you the appropriate technical equipment. Whether you need loudspeakers or would like to record the event – there are virtually no limits to your wishes and ideas. We make sure that this day, or evening, will be a relaxed and special experience for all involved. Of course, we will again be with you from the beginning to the end.

Christmas parties / Anniversaries

Every year... your employees, colleagues and customers look forward to these events. The right setting needs to be created and a supporting programme is also nice to have. Whether you need help finding the appropriate ideas or concepts or someone who takes care of the planning and organisation hand in hand with you – get in touch with us. By working together, your next party is sure to become a memorable event.

Charity and fundraising events

These kinds of events are of special interest to us, HEPS GmbH. If you need help with organising a charity or fundraising event, we will be happy to assist you. We will support you in all areas we can and make you an affordable offer that is sure to accommodate your needs, giving you the possibility to do more for the organisation that is dear to your heart.


Trade fairs, concerts and other events

Of course, there are many more types of events apart from those listed above. Even if you are planning an event we have not listed, get in touch with us. Whether you need a fair stand, would like to plan a concert, a housewarming party, a family day at the office or have something different in mind – together we will find the best solution for any event.

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