We, MEPS GmbH, are not only your point of contact for all indoor supply services, but also have a broad range of outdoor products to meet your needs.

Play and fun

From skippy animals and swings to giant chess sets and table tennis tables, we supply you with everything to have fun outdoors – of course, for any age group. You need new equipment for your kindergarten? Or something for your school to keep pupils busy between classes? Or you need a drone? We will be happy to assist you.

Outdoor sports

Today, even gaming magazines say that exercising is important. Sometimes it takes some incentive or support to get started. We offer a broad range of outdoor products from mountain bikes and walking sticks to skipping ropes. Or how about an outdoor punch bag?

Patios and staff outdoor areas

It makes a big difference if employees have the option to spend their breaks outdoors, especially in nice weather (and we do not only mean smokers, even though we can also include a smoker’s lounge in the planning). Seating groups, eating places or simply a few nice park benches make the outdoor areas more pleasant and more comfortable for all. We will be happy to assist you in getting the most out of your outdoor area.

Relaxation and recreation

Whether you need daybeds, picknick blankets, upholstered rattan furniture to relax or a barefoot sensory trail – there is a virtually endless variety of options. And together we will find exactly what you have been looking for – perhaps without even being aware of it.

Decoration and greening

As the saying goes, you “eat” with your eyes, which is also true outdoors. The most beautiful patio furniture is of no use if everything else is grey and drab. Plant tubs or a flower arch can pretty up the outdoor area for employees, the schoolyard, the city centre or whatever else you have in mind, offering people a pleasant and relaxing timeout.

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