Whether you need advertising material that sets your authority or event apart, new IT equipment, furnishings or cameras – we will take care of it.

Below we present a few examples from our portfolio:

Office supplies

To ensure a smooth office workflow, you need someone who supplies the required equipment promptly and reliably. Whether you would like to place a small order because you have suddenly run out of something or a larger order makes no difference to us.

We will be happy to prepare an offer for the items you currently need. Alternatively, you can enter into a framework agreement with us and we will arrange fixed terms over a longer period of time to make the ordering process easier for you. No matter which version you prefer, we will be happy to assist you.

Spare parts

It can easily happen that a part breaks. Buying a new one is not always the better option. Procuring the appropriate spare part makes more sense and is usually also less expensive, especially when it comes to machines, cars and other technical equipment. Whether the spare part is available in Germany or has to be ordered from abroad makes no difference to us.

Advertising material

You need the well-known pens, the popular notepads or something entirely new? With your logo printed on it? Then you have come to the right place. We are committed to superior quality and will provide you with your advertising product in the desired and best possible format.

You would like to have something out of the ordinary? We will be happy to assist you.

No matter whether it is a first aid kit for the handbag, a backpack or a hiking mug with a carabiner handle. We can also create special coins for you at any time. We will work hand in hand with you from design to packaging.

Together we will find the product that suits you and meets your ideas.

Furnishings and other equipment

Those who feel comfortable in their environment work better, learn more and feel healthier in general. Having open, bright spaces is definitely beneficial, but the furnishings have to harmoniously blend in with them. We will be happy to prepare an offer for overall space solutions or individual workstations. Or would you like to just replace the tableware in the canteen? Whether you need cake forks or filing cabinets – we are the right point of contact.

IT and other electronic equipment

Whether preparing lessons at school, creating schedules in kindergarten or planning dishes for the canteen of a federal office – nowadays, nothing works without computers and the related equipment. Working from home is a popular solution these days, but employees need the appropriate equipment so that they do not have to sit on their beds with a small notebook. Whether you need printers and monitors for home working, a multifunction device for the office or just a new headset: We offer you a broad range of equipment, including different models to compare and choose from.


A homely office always makes people feel more comfortable – even if it just means hanging up a nice picture instead of being surrounded by bare white walls. No matter what kind of decoration you need, we will be happy to assist you.

Or are you looking for something to match the specific season? An Easter basket in the entrance area or a small (or large) Christmas tree, decorated in your company’s colours? Nothing is impossible to implement, at least not with us.

Playing and learning

We offer you not only children’s games for kindergarten or primary school, but also learning materials for higher grades. We will also be happy to acquire the necessary books for you. Whether you need books designed to be read to children or books suitable for school reading makes no difference.

Hygiene and… the coronavirus

In times like these, hygiene is particularly important. Hygiene measures need to be adapted to the frequently changing requirements everywhere – in schools, in companies and outdoors. Whether you need help in preparing a hygiene concept or need to replenish your stocks, whether FFP2 masks, disinfectant dispensers or appropriate air purifiers – together we will find a solution that helps us overcome these times.

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