We, MEPS GmbH, support you in any area, including the procurement of commercial merchandise. Whether you need spare parts for the computers at the office, equipment for the troops in the field or office supplies for your daily work – we will be happy to help you with anything you need.

Below we present a few examples:

Spare parts

We procure spare parts of all kinds for you: When the computer rattles because the fan is clogged or when the tap won’t stop dripping.

Whether tap adapters, keypads or inline filters, spare parts for computers, vehicles, sanitary connections, lighting systems, items of equipment or whatever else you need – we, MEPS GmbH, will be happy to help you.

Outdoor equipment

A camping toilet for a military exercise in the mountains? Organic and sustainable single-use tableware for field exercises? SUP boards for recreation and balance? Glowsticks or new boots?

No problem for you: With MEPS GmbH.

Whatever your troops need in the field, we take care of it quickly and easily.

Office supplies

We’ve all been there: The toilet paper is running low, the last pencil has been taken out of the package and where on earth is the rubber again?

We give you the choice: You can either place a one-off order for your office supplies or we draw up a framework agreement together with you, enabling you to reorder everything you need at any time without having to first find the appropriate equipment. In this case, all you need to do is call us or send us an email and soon after your stocks are replenished and you can continue with your daily routine without any worries.

Interior fittings

The new office building is finished or the renovation is completed. The walls are still bare and the whole room echoes. You start preparing a list. What do we need? And then you start looking. The desks are available from one vendor, but the chairs from another. The cabinet you fancy is offered by a third one.

With us, you have a one-stop provider. We do the research for you, place all orders and take care of the delivery, including installation exactly at the site of your choice.

Or something breaks and needs to be replaced. There are not enough lockers, so they need to be reordered. The picture on the wall has been around forever and you long for something new. Of course, we are also your point of contact for all your needs in such cases. Together we will create a pleasant environment where you feel comfortable and even stressful days become manageable.


It’s on everyone’s lips: the coronavirus.

But especially in times like these, with corresponding measures and more stringent hygiene rules, it is good to know that someone is there to help you with everything.

You have an exercise or an event coming up. You need disinfectant dispensers, disinfectants, masks, medical thermometers and much more. We are your point of contact for everything related to hygiene or hygiene solutions. Information columns to rent or buy, for example to permanently equip the office. Soap leaves to go in handy dispenser boxes that fit in any pocket. Disinfectant as gel, liquid or wipes. Whatever you need, we will be happy to help. Even if you do not yet know exactly what the best solution is for you: We will be happy to provide you with advice over the phone or in person and find the appropriate solution together with you.


A strategic planning game for the training or equipment for a common room in the barracks or at the academy. From table football and video games to books and card games. Whether you need a sanitary concentrate or clips for a Christmas tree – we will find it for you.

You need a storage container or your own permanent sanitary container? We will be happy to assist you.

There are countless options and none of them are impossible. Except maybe listing all the fascinating and exciting tasks we have already accomplished!

But if you would like to know what is new or what is going on at MEPS GmbH: You can find our most interesting projects, short and funny stories from our daily routine and what our employees do in their free time in our News section.

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