From the beginning to the present day...

Although the history of MEPS GmbH began as part of the TOI TOI & DIXI Group GmbH, the company also went its own ways later on.

From 1990 on, today’s TOI TOI & DIXI Group GmbH received more and more orders from the military sector. That is why the decision was made to establish a separate company for the military sector.

The first actual talks about the new company took place in September 2005. Five persons who were mainly responsible for the military business got together to discuss the options for the new establishment. Our present Head of Military Business, Patricius Colp, was also among these five persons.

Deining, Upper Palatinate/Bavaria, was chosen as the location of the head office, because various larger military training areas were and still are domiciled not far from Deining.

It took three years for MEPS GmbH to actually enter service. The establishment of MEPS GmbH was registered on 21 October 2008.

MEPS GmbH started operations in November 2008, from then on being in charge of the military business of TOI TOI & DIXI Group GmbH. Including the time when the company was still part of the group, MEPS GmbH can look back on more than thirty years of experience and far more than 10,000 orders in the military business.

Over the following years, MEPS GmbH continued to develop and increasingly expanded its portfolio. The military business now comprised divisions such as Field camps & Base operations, Manoeuvre logistics & Troop provisions and Facility management. The Commercial merchandise division was added some time later.

In mid-2021, the personnel structure of MEPS GmbH changed once again. A new management and the return our Head of Military Business marked the beginning of another major upheaval that proved to be beneficial to MEPS GmbH.

For example, new divisions for our customers from the public sector were added and the existing divisions in the military business were expanded.

Our original team has since grown steadily.

Our present team is characterised especially by a strong team spirit and the ability to harness the individual talents, languages and skills of the team members.

We are excited to find out what the future has in store for us.

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